This series of disruptive coloration textiles mimic the aesthetics of Thai sacred traditional mural painting, which functions not only as storage for mythical and historical narratives but also as a tool to spread the nationalistic ideology of the authorities who create these narratives and portray them through imagery. Contemporary digital imagemaking tools allow for editing and changing the details of these images when they appear online, with the possibility of distorting and reorganizing their meanings. What stories would I want to embed in these images? I gather text and image fragments from different periods of time to understand the histories of centralized power structures, including nationstates. The multitude of visual data piles up, blending and smashing in a scar of memory. Like a camouflage, some details project while others recede or are hidden. The visual puzzles that result are forms of speculation about future economic systems. This fabric is storage for undisclosed stories. It is wearable storage, can be used for covering the face to conceal identity while revealing something else.