DISRUPTIVE OPERATION/KONGJAK PROCESSING ROOM Curatorial project and Performance, Arnhem/Online Live-streaming, 2021.


DISRUPTIVE OPERATION/KONGJAK PROCESSING ROOM the first iteration of the research presentation takes form of a speculative event consisting of an installation [DATA CEMETERY], camouflage scarf, research archive, BubbleTeaAlliance™ Drink, and two-channel sound installation and series of performances. Altogether it becomes a platform/a bunker for sharing experiences.

The scenography in the space is based on the interpretation of the story of “Kshira Sagara” [the Ocean of Milk]—a story about the churning of the Cosmic Ocean in order to obtain Amrita [the nectar of immortal life]—according to the belief of Brahmin-Hinduism. The scene presents the chaos in the midst of stirring the sea to create an elixir that will immortalize when drunk. But since the angels on one side were unable to successfully stir the oceans, they had to persuade the beasts. The devas devised to share half of the elixir with the demon But when stirred until the elixir came, the gods deceived the beasts so that they could drink the elixir first. But Rahu transformed himself into a deity, thus drinking the elixir. Since the sun and the moon know about the matter and therefore sue god Vishnu. Vishnu then threw the Chakra and cut Rahu in two but did not die because he had drunk the elixir to make him immortal. Rahu is angry with the sun and the moon whenever they meet, Rahu will swallow the sun and the moon.

This literature has been conveyed as a traditional belief of people in the Suvarnabhumi area who believed that lunar eclipses and solar eclipses were caused by Rahu with the moon and the sun. This literary belief is manifested as On the wall of the Angkor Wat—northwest Cambodia. The narrative was then adapted for use in the Ayutthaya period [1351–1767], then in the Thonburi period [1767 to 1782]. King Thonburi [​​Taksin] wrote for the royal drama. The story was adapted and used as the beginning of the story of Ramayana epics until it became Thai national literature It is also widely spread and reappeared in the form of educational textbooks, literature and Thai dramatic stories [Thai Soap Operas] through the creation of important sculptures at Thai Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Such a sculpture at Thai Suvarnabhumi Airport refers back to the story of Ramayana, where the place of Amrit water is a place of immortality, stability, persistence, just like Suvarnabhumi, the land of gold, abundance, prosperity, stability, and immortality // Contradictory, such a scene portrays the structure of Thai society from the past until the present—a society full of hierarchy, mystical sacredness and gap between the society. As if simulating the world in such a scene into reality reflected through contemporary conditions.

While the present condition of contemporary society is full of chaos and uncertainty People in many sectors face shortages and hardships during vulnerable moments—The collapse of the economic system and the growth of nationalist groups through the lordship system of exploitation and deception “Neo-Liberal/Nationalism” in which ramification into large corporate business systems [stamocap] and it mutate into a new intricate form of power structure.

I am interested in bringing the story back to interpretation and presenting it again underneath this building Agnietenplaats 2 in Arnhem which used to be a former radio diffusion station in Arnhem built in 1937 as well as it will be on display online on-screen/online live-streaming.—A lot of metal chains hook the center of the ceiling spreading into the ground cling with veils that contain visual documentation/text collected during research. The room covered with blue lights simulates the space into the deep ocean. The situation blurring fiction into current reality simulated an underwater/Underworld as if the audience were part of the story. The room is filled with sound installations, the score I created is based on the song “Toranee Kansaeng” (The Weeping Earth) is a song that I am researching at the moment. However, I was unable to determine the original composer of the tune, and I had discovered that at some point in its history, what had begun as a sad tune was adjusted to take on a ceremonial tenor. While initially performed as a part of funeral rites, the tune eventually found its way into political protests, becoming a tool employed by protestors as well.

This exhibition is a base, a platform, a procession space that invites the participants to question the role of the narrative towards the system of power structure and sovereignty system as well as the process of ideological formation, the construction of belief, through national literature. Tracing back into some part of the root of these systems to examine how this system still inherits and infiltrates contemporary socio-political structure and mode of cultural production? This situation was created as an attempt to invoke discussion focusing on decentralization and platform economy. —How can we utilize the platform as a format base for the resources decentralization and distribution tool academically and financially in art and music? as well as an area of networking connectivity and information exchange—What kind of decent structure and sustainable system of resource distribution?

During 12 and 13 March 2021 the whole situation including sound performance will be on display in parallel: both in physical space and also online as a live stream in which people can experience from home.

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE—DOOM LOOP: WEEPING EARTH is a hybrid set with a selection of audio sources and musical tracks including some tracks I produce for my upcoming EP. The set circles around themes of protest, history, and Thai mythology. It becomes a soundtrack of this current moment. These stable-drone background, cinematic SFX, and hyper-frenetic beats are smashing and drilling backward into deep traumatic memories. It resonates with the current moment of darkness but I hope the sonic vibration will transcend energy back to people that can heal and stimulate political awareness in both global and local contexts.

Peformance Contribution: M4RY / KONGJAK / DZZZ99 Y ARABI GARCÍA / Qihang Li / Callum Dean / Tjobo Kho
Homemade BubbleTeaAlliance™ Drink by Prang Sayasilpi

Online live streaming link: https://saturdaymatinee.werkplaatstypografie.org/catalogue/page:13