Dance Non-Stop Mix, Website, 2015-2018.

Dance Non-Stop Mix is an ongoing research-based project started in 2015. The project inspired by the teenager group hustling in the decayed residential area in Bangkok, Thailand, where my house is located. They were always partying and playing music out loud in the streets, blending with my favorite tracks. That aroused a new awareness, so to say—a renovated sense of hearing. I decided to start a research project: following the noise sources and found that they gathered at 6 pm, their truck party turning the quiet, isolated area into an open-air dance floor. Why do people need to oppose the context of their surroundings? It all comes down to an investigation of conflict.

This website function as an online platform for storing images, sounds, text and footages for Dance Non-Stop Mix project documented during the research and observation trip between 2015- 2018.