Dance Non-Stop Mix, Solo Exhibition/Live Performance at Cartel Artspace, 2017

Consist of site-specific installation and performance. This exhibition is created by flux of environmental sounds and audio documentation I collected during research which function as stimulants of our perception. In this project, I aim to simulate space with reference to the place I has been in my investigation of possibilities in our hearing, with sounds as instruments for my presentation.

Dance Non-Stop Mix is an ongoing research-based project started in 2015. The project inspired by the teenager group hustling in the decayed residential area in Bangkok, Thailand, where my house is located. They were always partying and playing music out loud in the streets, blending with my favorite tracks. That aroused a new awareness, so to say—a renovated sense of hearing. I decided to start a research project: following the noise sources and found that they gathered at 6 pm, their truck party turning the quiet, isolated area into an open-air dance floor. Why do people need to oppose the context of their surroundings? It all comes down to an investigation of conflict.

The research was first presented during 2015-2018 as online visual/audio documentation in combination with text interviews with the people in the community and later transformed into an installation/sound performance at Cartel Artspace, Bangkok in 2017. During that time I worked collaboratively with 3 car audio technicians to modify an exhibition space as an attempt to turn the exhibition space into a sonic amplification by creating three different car sound systems and embedded it in the main exhibition space in which the audience can experiencing sound between in and outside the exhibition space. At the exhibition opening, I invited 2 local musicians/sound artists (Nuttapon Sawasdee, Romesilp Sookprasert and including me) to make a sound performance experimenting with different sources of the audio archive that I collect during research/journey without a pre-rehearsal. All sound systems are used during and after a performance

Dance Non-Stop Mix on Kaleidoscope Asia issue#2.

Dance Non-Stop Mix on Kaleidoscope Asia issue#2.