GEOMETRY OF THE DELUSIONAL LAYER ON THE BONE, Dye-sublimation print on fabric, thread, ropes, metal, rocks, 2m x 2m
in collbrolation with Joe Highton, part of the group exhibition Fasting of my Fantasies, at ACUD Galerie, Berlin, 2022

A rainy midnight from the balcony of the hotel in the city, where you are standing with a friend. From there you can see the empty field next door, lined on all sides by metal fences, marking the perimeter. Onto these barriers are secured wide flat vinyl advertisements. There are copy-paste images of new apartment stacks. The colors look bright and vivid. There are cross section images of cutting edge washing machines with the slogan: Detox your attitude. Next to it there are humans gazing out, directly into your eye. On top someone has written ‘I am not dust’ multiple times, in blood red graffiti.

Outside of the metal fence there is a life of people still ongoing, a car driving, a bus, even a light from the subway entrance. When looking you can hear the sounds of bugs, insects and a nightclub. You can hear the sound of a machine like a drone, people shouting, and a song ‘We're like diamonds in the sky // You're a shooting star I see-A vision of ecstasy-When you hold me, I'm alive-We're like diamonds in the sky….’

But inside the empty plot there is no movement. There is a large metal structure in the middle, holding an LED advertisement billboard which lights the scene, shining similarly to a sun, with electronics buzzing. The screen shows limbs interacting with a soft object of a pink sofa, white pillow on top with a smooth tone of the color, looking like it’s made out of paper. Across the bottom of the screen appears the subtitle: ‘A future of a smoothy zero sustainable life: PROTOTYPE’. Underneath there is a small wooden shelter with an old metal roof. Around it, sand is dug in a system of trenches and mounds. A basin of water traces the remnants of the concrete floor plan of the previous building. It glows in fluorescent orange under the LED, rusted by the iron of the previous building, and looks thick and nuclear.

You can see three people poke up out of a small hole inside the fence. You start to hear a siren in the distance. What’s happening? What are these people trying to do underneath?'

(exhibition text written in collaboration between us)

July 2022